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3 Ways To Prevent The Flu

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If flu season is coming soon, then you need to be prepared. This virus is easy to spread because people do not wash their hands enough. If you get sick with the flu, then there is possibility of you spreading it to someone else in your household. Read on to find out how to prevent the flu.  

Get A Flu Vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control recommends a yearly flu vaccine as the first and most important step in protecting against flu viruses. You have to take a vaccine every year because there are many different flu viruses. A vaccine protects against the viruses that are most common for the upcoming season.

This is determined through research. Over 100 national influenza centers carry out year-round testing for influenza.They receive the information from testing samples of patients who are suspected to have the flu virus.

There are a variety of locations that offer immunization services like your local drug store and hospital. You also have the option of going to your doctor and asking for a vaccine. The vaccine works by causing antibodies to develop in your body. Antibodies protect against anything that is foreign to the body like bacteria and viruses. If you are getting a flu vaccine, then you need to get one as soon as possible.

Drink Plenty Of Water And Start Juicing

Juicing is another way to prevent cold and viruses. On a typical day, you never know what germs you are going to encounter. It helps to drink water constantly to flush toxins through your lymph system.

When flu and cold season arrives, you should start juicing. You can use swiss chard, arugula, lemons, apples, carrots, cucumbers, parsley, broccoli and kale. This also allows you to get your recommended servings of fruit and vegetables. Drinking fresh juice stimulates your immune system and creates antibodies to fight off viral infections.

Take Zinc

It is essential to get the proper nutrients and minerals in your body to fight off viruses. Zinc is one of those nutrients that provides protection for your immune system. It prevents viruses from gaining full access to your cells. Zinc also blocks metabolic activity of bacteria. To get more Zinc in your diet, you want to eat foods that are rich in the nutrient like wheat germ and oysters.

The worse case scenario is everyone in your house getting sick. If you want to prevent getting and spreading the virus, then you have to prepare your body. It also helps to talk to your doctor about your concerns. Visit for more information.