Things To Look For In A Great Doctor

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Bonding With A Primary Care Physician For Your Well-Coordinated Health Care Outcomes

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Some medical symptoms mimic a number of different conditions. Ultimately, it is your primary care physician who is trained to listen to your complaints and symptoms. Later, the physician will make an initial assessment of your chief complaint and symptoms before arriving at a diagnosis. Treatment will follow the diagnosis. You will be questioned about your history of the current complaint. Your primary care or family physician will want to know about what might have triggered the symptoms and how long the condition has lasted so far. Read More»

Irregular Periods In Your 40s Is Common And Can Be A Sign Of Perimenopause

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If you are in your 40s, you might start to see changes in your menstrual cycle. Changes during this time in your life are normal, but they can make some women worry. If you are worried because of the changes you are experiencing, you should see a gynecologist. Here are three things you should know about your menstrual cycle at this age in your life. Periods tend to lighten over time Read More»